26 November 2005

C is for cozy.

Can it get cozier than this? Eight+ fantastic hours of sleep with 3-4 cats curling up in the bed, and then teaching my MFA poetry class here in my living room, in front of the roaring fire, with a good fruit salad and medium hot salsa? Maybe it's the several inches of snow and polar temps messing with my brain, but I am all about the cozy. I'm surprised I wasn't up all night thinking about this in my stocking.

On a less comfy note, after finally coming to terms with the fact that there's no Target photo studio in Akron, my folks (visiting from Chicago) and I schlepped Gabi out to WalMart for Christmas pictures yesterday morning. Lord help me. There were technical difficulties aplenty, culminating with the fact that I had to go back later in the day to view and order the pics. Gabi was an absolute angel. I was quite nonplussed by having to go to WalMart twice in one day, and on black Friday, at that. I hope the pictures don't disappoint. I am feeling immensely guilty for shopping there, as I usually don't, due to their labor practices. Shame on me. That's what I get.

Back downstairs to the fire I go. Fireplace, that is. Not hell.


Penultimatina said...

BTW, that's Gabi's wee hand opening the Babar suitcase, not mine. Mine are bigger. Whoopsh!

poetzie said...

Do you have a sears? They have a pretty good photo studio- all online, which is great.

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