27 November 2005

The restaurant is closed.

Why am I so happy?

Pòg mo thòin

Because from now until Christmas, the MB restaurant, aka my kitchen, will not need to be catering four meals a day (the fourth being requisite cocktail and hors d'oeuvre hour at 3 pm). I love my family, but they sure do eat and drink a lot.

Our snow is melting, and tomorrow it will be in the upper sixties. The neighborhood is now partially decked out in holiday lights. Here we go again.

Anybody else all cooked out?


P. J. said...

I went out last night and ordered fried chicken--after a Thanksgiving full of the stuff (my mom defies the turkey schtick). And tonight, as is my wont after the food holiday, I bought a pack of frozen Morningwood Farms soy burgers and had a vegetarian meal; I secretly think a vegetarian girl will notice and pick me up because she assumes I'm sensitive when really all I want right now is a girlfriend for the next month so I can get more Xmas presents. Then dump her. But I digress. The answer is yes, I'm full.

femme feral said...

I hate cooking. But I really like to eat, so I often opt for low prep, no-cook snacks. Right now I'm really into ceasar salad.

Byf said...

I don't mind the cooking; it's that it's hard to get anyone to do the dishes afterward. I thank my lucky stars that there's a White Castle just blocks away.

(Interestingly, the word verification for this post is spelling "hnbyf." How now, Byf?)

Charles said...

Your hair is totally gorgeous!

Penultimatina said...

PJ--do you want to see the new King Kong movie with Frank over winter break? I'll sent some vegan hot dogs with you, for "the tail."

Mmmm...FF that salad sounds good!

Byf, I was thinking maybe it meant "hell no, byf," but I like your variation better.

Thanks Charles! Sometimes it's so shiny that people have accused me of having huge chunks of gray, when it's actually *sheen*. I will pass your praise on to Biolage...

P. J. said...


Tell Frank, "Rarrrrgghhhhh!" or however King Kong answers in the affirmative. I *have* to see that movie in a decent theater (even tho' the only actor in it I like is the giant ape).

Mmm...vegan hot dogs. You know they're ready to eat when they turn a nice shade of soy grey.

Penultimatina said...

PJ--you don't like Naomi Watts?

P. J. said...

Naomi Who? I've heard the name but if I had to cite a movie she was in, I couldn't.

And whoever that horrible looking man is who's the lead in the film--I think he won an award for some film about a piano?--I don't like him either. I know he was in a Coca-Cola commercial and it really put me off Coke.

Jack Black's okay; he kinda looks like a mini-Kong.

You know who else I don't like? Renee Zelwiger. I just don't. Her movies are so blah.

Penultimatina said...

You WILL like Naomi Watts; I guarantee it. You didn't see Mulholland Drive? Dios mio!


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