Happy to report

I've got poems forthcoming in

The Eleventh Muse
The Iowa Review
Pavement Saw
Spoon River Poetry Review

I need to write some more poems! Winter break will be nonstop modern poetry reading and syllabus planning + write, write, write.


Justin Evans said…

Congratulations! Ithink that is really wonderful news. Keep it up.
I realize that's alphabetical order. Still, it's fun to see The Eleventh Muse listed ahead of The Iowa Review. Reminds me of a bio note I saw once: "____'s poems have appeared in The Paris Review, The Eleventh Muse, . . ."
Penultimatina said…
I'm actually amazed that I did the alphabetical order correctly. I tend to list things geographically, because I'm a goofball. :)
Suzanne said…
Whoohoo! Congrats!
Nick said…
Congratulations, Mary! Bravissima!
That's sweet news! Congrats, MB -- I'll be keeping my eye out for 'em...
Byf said…
Congrats, Phys! You're smart and pretty.

brandijay said…

Good for you, girly! :)

Random, are you going to AWP either way (if they accept your paper or not?)?? I'm thinking about going and it would be great to see you there!
Penultimatina said…
Brandi--I'm only going if they take my paper, since I'll likely blow plenty of my annual travel budget on Winter Wheat this time around.

It would be awesome to go, though. I have two friends in Austin, and it would be fantastic to get a chance to hang with you too. :) Not to mention the weather...