09 November 2005

It's the color of Dale!

After annotating and commenting on a bunch of stuff (with awful handwriting, btw, but save that for another post) I realized that one of the pens from the Pilot Precise V seven pack is the exact same shade as my beloved Dale Chihuly polymer sculpture! It's the one that's not quite blue, but not really turquoise either.

Perhaps in my bounteous spare time I'll go sketch the sculpture with the pen. That would be awfully meta, wouldn't it?


Julie said...

I've got to get that color of pen. I'm bored with black--maybe I would write more in a prettier color.

Mary, thanks so much for your encouraging comment. Sometimes all of this can get overwhelming, and I appreciate you reaching out accross the cyber-miles with a kind word.

See you at Winter Wheat!

Byf said...

Is it aquamarine? Cerulean? Surely it's not periwinkle.

Penultimatina said...

Julie, welcome and hello! :) See you soon.

Byf, I bet it's aquamarine. Yes. Definitely not azure.

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