12 November 2005

Goodbye, shameful love.

For years I have been victim of a shameful, inappropriate addiction. I certainly know better. I can read. I know how much sodium is too much. But my sick, pathetic love for ramen noodles has really gotten out of hand lately. It's also problematic because now I can't make them for myself, because Frank does it better. Ditto for sandwiches. But that's another story.

Enter the amazing, healthful alternative, Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup. My days of shame are over! These noodles are delicious, and not a violation of all the health rules I otherwise follow. I'm a bit bummed that they are so low calorie, but they aren't so low that you burn up all the calories slurping.

Oh happy day!

Anyone else tried these, or have any other suggestions for a clandestine ramenist?


Justin Evans said...

I'm afraid not. Everything I eat contributes to my poor health. I either eat the wrong things, or I eat too much of the right things. Well, actually, I tend to eat too much of the wrong things, too.

I grow fat ... I grow fat ...
I shall slurp the noodles nimbly as a cat.

femme feral said...

I love those thai noddles. I know what you mean about the ramen. lately I've been into miso soup, but I think that has loads of sodium. But it seems healthy because of the seaweed and tofu. And if you wanna add calories (and more tastiness), you can fry the tofu before you add it to the soup.

I'm not sure if that answered your question, but now I'm hungry.

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