16 December 2005

It's the annual exam-week virus, folks.

And not the kind that crashes computers. And it's not me that's suffering, but Gabi. I believe this has happened every year of her life: exam week (i.e. massive grading) rolls around, and the germs pour in.

I'll be grading whilst making chocolate spritz cookies this weekend. Greg got me the gun and everything. Apparently he's not worried about me using it on him. Perhaps I'll just shoot a cookie into each student's portfolio and declare myself done.

Working on world record for viewings of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch. Old-school versions, bien sur.


Strong Enough said...

Sara had the same crud today. Hope Ms Gabi is feeling better!

Kendra said...

Oh man, I'm sorry that Gabi is sick! I hope that it passes quickly and your on Christmas break in no time!

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