27 December 2005

One sexy little tart.

Mushrooms. Baby spinach. Shallots (my improvisation). Olive oil. Louisiana feta. Puff pastry.

Holy yummin' yum! Nikki Paley Cox, thank you for introducing me to the delights of Everyday Food. There's no stopping me now!

When I'm not busy rocking the taste buds of Northeast Ohio, I am reading The Man With The Golden Arm by Nelson Algren. I can't believe I haven't read it until now. It's just the thing for cat gray late December days sitting in my red chair dangling my feet over the arm and drinking tea.

Next week Gabi is back to school, and the two-week syllabus writing binge begins. Booked our Austin flights today. Ouch! Staying until Sunday since it's cheaper. Very thankful for travel funds. I think the sun will do me good.


femme feral said...

that looks tasty

P. J. said...

Yummm...I'm sorry I'm missing out on some delicious dishes. See you in a few weeks, hungry and greedy for gifts! (btw--check your excite account.)

Penultimatina said...

PJ--thank you so much! I am wigging out over all the possibilities! Oh yeah, and I have a new under-counter stereo thinger now, so I can listen to newly burned tunes AND cook!

See you in a few weeks; bring yo appetite!

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