23 December 2005


Happy holidays, folks! Gabi is enjoying the Edgar Allan Poe doll sent to her by my uncle James. I am gearing up for another holiday cook-a-thon, but at least I am done with my work for Fall 2005. Hurrah!

Much cheer to all.


Justin Evans said...

Merry Christmas, Mary!

I hope all is warm and cozy considering the outside temperature. Pass on my best to all of your brood. The book is almost to me, which means in the early day of January, you will be seeing your copy.

Nick said...

Buon Natale, Mary!

Penultimatina said...

Gratzi! :)

Byf said...

Does Gabi try to store the Poe doll under the floorboards? Or in the catacombs of Akron?

Hope your Christmas was as Christmases should be.

Strong Enough said...

I hope you had an awesome Christmas!!