16 March 2006

A few more for the road.

Another goofy pic from the table. It looked freaky in b&w so I kept it that way.

Our room in the Omni had a floor-to-ceiling window that looked out on this indoor courtyard. Yikes! (Didn't witness any pressed hams, thankfully)

Edible poem from Harpur Palate took the cake (ha!) for best swag item. My poetry students were perplexed, and thankfully one brave chap (Hi, Jared!) took one for the team and ate the poem. He said it tasted nasty, but finished it nonetheless.


Stephanie King said...

edible poem... what a cute idea!


Penultimatina said...

Yeah, but everyone seemed to agree that a chocolate edible poem would be better...or a haiku written on a cupcake!

Deblogger said...
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