15 March 2006

A good day for brewing green tea in your office.

As much as I prefer even numbers over odd, I really hope that I'm not coming down with cold #6 of the 05/06 academic year. I'm blaming it on the cruel change in weather here in Akron, from 70 degrees on Monday (oh! I opened all the windows and it was fantastic!) to 30s and snow from Tuesday on. Thus, with piles of work to do, I've brewed a big pot of green tea (Trader Joe's, I miss you), consumed a bowl of chili, and turned the heat up.
For my Aquafina-bashing posse: I am also drinking my first ever bottle of wild berry Flavor Splash, and it's actually not bad. The neck of the bottle is normal-sized, too, not like the firehose size drinkhole of the other Aquafinas. My alliances remain with Evian, however.

Tomorrow night is my grad & undergrad writing group's open mic night at Mocha Maiden in downtown Akron. Last time we had 45+ folks show up (not all to read, however; that would be an utter disaster), and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good turnout. Luckily it ends at the pre-pajamatime hour of 9 pm.

AWP pics will be coming soon. Sometimes I just don't understand why Frank won't put photo editing software on my laptop.


Frank said...

Hope the green tea's helping.

I'll hook youns up with some photo-ware tonight or tomorrow, k?

On other fronts, we should commence a letter-writing campaign to get Trader Joe to put a store in the AK.

Suzanne said...

No Trader Joe's?! Let me know if you need me to ship you anything, you Hot Mama, you! Feel better. We've had a rough winter, too. It bites.

Penultimatina said...

:) You are so sweet, Suzanne! I think Frank and I will just have to get off our lazy asses and drive to Cleveland for the TJ fix. It's hard living in a small city, because you have almost everything you need.

Many spring wishes to you!

Justin Evans said...

I just posted a bit of info about PFR. I hope I cleared a few things up, but feel free to ask all th questions you like.

I hpe you get to feeling better. Have you ever tried black licorice tea? My wife really likes it.

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