10 April 2006

Genre confusion

I think Fall 06 is going to be the semester of genre-bending. Not in my writing (or will it be?) but in teaching. I am going to be simultaneously teaching an intro to poetry writing class and an intro to fiction writing class, AND, it seems, directing an MFA thesis in creative nonfiction.

So on Friday when I was in my office sitting at my desk, staring at the computer screen, and a call from the math department popped up on my caller ID, a surge of irrational terror struck me. I am fairly versatile...but MATH?

Thanking my lucky hypotenuses that it was a wrong number.


Stephanie King said...

I hate math... I can barely multiply.


Michelle said...

wow, that sounds like it will be an interesting (and busy!) semester of teaching.

wayne said...

The answer is sqrt(3) - 1/3. Which is, of course, an irrational number. So, your terror was not unfounded.

Penultimatina said...

All numbers are irrational to me, dear Wehn... :)

Nice to see you around!

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