03 April 2006

The Great Figure

Can it be? Five more weeks of classes, and the semester's done?

My newly-planted pansies seem to have made it through the night unfrosted and otherwise unscathed, and this morning I was able to wear my light raincoat instead of the long wool one. None of my coats can be buttoned, so this is wonderfully convenient.

It's kind of cruel that the first day back from Spring Break was also the first day most folks notice how dark it is in the morning now. But at 8:18 it's all sunshine in Akron, OH.


Byf said...

Pansies? Is that a gay joke?

Penultimatina said...

All of my jokes are pretty gay, Byf.

How does your garden grow these days?

Byf said...

Are you speaking of the barely viable gardenia I've managed to keep on this side of life, indoors, for three years? Or of my fire escape?

Penultimatina said...

Your fields of phlox, your gentle lo-ing herds, that kind of stuff.

Justin Evans said...

I can tell you out here in the desert, all we have are the tumbling tumbleweeds, tumbling by.