24 April 2006

Now that's what I call a handshake.

The book rep who just stopped by my office shook my hand with such force that now it's bleeding. Well, actually re-bleeding because it was originally damaged when I took a major nosedive on Gabi's preschool playground last Thursday (nothing more graceful than an eight months pregnant woman with her arms full of stuff, flying across asphalt).

Thank goodness for my stash of heavy-duty band aids, because in minutes I'm off to bestow departmental awards upon a flurry of achievers, which will likely involve further handshaking. I am going to read one student's poem out loud, too. I have been to so many shitty awards ceremonies that I want to make this special. I have penned--typed, really--blurbs of praise for each winner I judged. Did I mention that I want to make this special?

Completely unrelated, but is there anything cuter than a RHINO snuggled between a Crab Orchard and a Cimarron?


Justin Evans said...

In high school, my old drama teacher would hand out personalized awards to every kid in the drama club, and anyone who had been in a play. He made sure everyone got one little something at least which reflected his/her personality.

Stephanie King said...

I've never understood the theory behind strong handshakes... I'd much rather receive a polite little half shake than one that picks me up off the floor.

Penultimatina said...

Frank, are you going to chime in with your Craft and Theory of the Handshake lecture?

Healing nicely,

Mary B.

Frank said...

I don't think you should hurt anyone, but a nice, firm handshake is important. Note: I wrote "firm," not "crushing."

The book rep sounds like he's overcompensating in the handshake department. A bit too much.

On the other hand, it's kinda lame when men offer dead fish hanshake to women because they're afraid of hurting them. KWIM?

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