02 April 2006

Where I am going, where I have been.

I thought it appropriate to end my break-less Spring Break by breaking free and going outside to get dirty. Here's what is blooming in Akron:

The cheery, springlike ADT sign is here to show the scale of these super-tiny daffodils. (I do still live in the city, you know).

Crocuses aplenty trying to beat their way through the groundcover. Anyone want pachysandras? We'll be taking out thousands this spring.

Frank played a mean trick on me with this nest. Perhaps he will blog about it and tell you the story.

The stanza mobile (with a strange reflection of my legs on the trunk. I am not wearing legwarmers--it's an optical illusion).

Back to work tomorrow, and on Wednesday I'll be reading with Nin Andrews at Youngstown State University. If you attend, maybe I'll bring you some uprooted pachysandras as party favors.


wickedpen said...


Just read through the review, and thank you so, so much for such a thoughtful reading and review. I think you've actually made me like my own book more..:)


Penultimatina said...

Kristy, I had so much fun reading your book and writing that review! It totally took me out of my office--I felt like I had to wake myself up after reading your poems; I was in a Bowen-trance.


Frank said...

I've been meaning to ask you about that license plate. Do you just really like Nissan Stanzas?

PS -- sorry about the nest trick :)

Kells said...

stanzas -- love it!

I had just been thinking about license plates...

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