29 June 2006

What have I been reading lately?

The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler, in paperback form small enough to handle while holding the wee lad in my arms.

Seriously, this isn't going to turn into a blog of cute baby pictures and absolutely no poetry, but I can't help myself today.

76 degrees and sunny with no humidity. Almost makes me forget about our buckling hardwood floors and broken dryer.

Poetry group re-convenes next Wednesday, so things will be happening soon in that area. In the meantime...

I am in love.


Catherine said...


Justin Evans said...

He's a looker!

Suzanne said...

SO sweet!

32poems said...

Congratulations! I'm late to the party as always. I do wish you'd had the baby on June 11th as that is a GREAT day for a birthday if I do say so myself. =)

Byf said...

Sweetie! Nobody's reading "The Amateur Marriage" anymore. It's all about her new book, "Digging to America."

Which, appropriately, discusses wee babies at length.

Enjoy your book! And your gorgeous little one!