03 August 2006

Who wants to know?

So, would you rather find out that your book is / was a finalist for a contest

a) after you've lost?

b) while your work is still being considered?

Most of my adventures in finalisme have fallen into category a), but right now, well, I've got a few irons in the fire.

Which do / would you prefer?

P.S. Crossed fingers appreciated!


Matthew Thorburn said...

Fingers are crossed!

Bon chance!

Paul said...

Oh, man, good question. I don't even know. By which I mean I'm not sure I can articulate an answer. I've been on both sides and each is an acute agony, but separate and different. For category A, you're pleased it was a finalist but it's an oddly truncated sensation. In its way, the pleasure is over as soon as it began. As for category B, there's that exquisite agony of waiting, not knowing, waiting, waiting, waiting. Torture! Still, I guess I prefer B.

Fingers totally crossed.

Penultimatina said...

Merci, MQT!

Paul, I think I need to learn to enjoy the "exquisite agony of waiting," as you so accurately describe it.

Perhaps I'll brainwash myself and turn a b) into and a). Yeah, right!

Penultimatina said...

"turn a b) into AN a)."

...that should say.

I have written "and" instead of "an" about ten times today.

Suzanne said...

Fingers crossed!

jeannine said...

Yay Mary - I'll cross several sets of fingers and toes for you :)
PS Definitely B.

Charles said...

How about when I win? ;)

Justin Evans said...

Fianalist? What's that?

I have never been afinalist for anything. My chapbook was printed because a poet friend bullied the editor.

Some day, you will have to tell me of this thing you call 'success,' though please, don't use any definition Bill Knott may use.

J. Newberry said...

Most definitely after I've lost. I don't want the pressure of checking email every five seconds.

J. Newberry said...

Oh--and I'm crossing my fingers, my toes, & my eyes.

Nick said...

Got everything crossed here. Buona fortuna!

Steven D. Schroeder said...

I'd prefer A. Best with this B!

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