29 September 2006

Après moi le deluge

Well crap. Somehow I've managed to coordinate the following floods to correspond on one very special weekend: this one.

a) Round one of poems for Intro to Writing Poetry. (15 poems in need of thorough annotation)

b) Round two of stories for Intro to Writing Fiction. (4 short stories in need of thorough annotation)

c) Final deadline of AWP Pedagogy Papers (2,345,876 pedagogical essays in need of reading, etc, okay that's an exaggeration, but that's what it feels like).

d) I have to write a poem and start thinking about themes in Prairie Fever.

e) Many cotton/polyester blend shirts waiting in the basement to be ironed and heavily annotated with suggestions regarding form and content.

f) One unwritten grocery list in need of thorough feedback regarding use of dialogue and execution of blank verse couplets.

g) Two overweight black cats requiring specific commentary on the importance of everyday imagery in Pablo Neruda's poetry, and the objective correlative.

Anyone else have an impending load of busywork...or the opposite?


Suzanne said...

I can't decide if it's busywork or mindless work, but I'm wiped! Hang in there, Sister.

Pamela said...

Ten poems for my class to annotate, sestina (mine) to finish, Judy Jordan essay due ASAP, 17 (estimated) loads of laundry (including folding, ironing, drycleaning--an entire Andirondack range of clothing), rooms to dust, dishwasher to duct tape (don't ask), 2 hungry cats to placate, 1 lazy dog to drag outside. All this to orbit eight hours of "real" editing work today, and then there's the pleasure of choosing texts for next semester and finding my car keys.

Who said weak-end?

Penultimatina said...

Oh golly Pamela, I have to do my book order for next semester too. Thank you for the reminder about that!

Bailey said...

For obvious reasons, I take issue with item g.

Penultimatina said...

*gulp* I didn't realize that you're a blogger now, Schubert.

*blush blush blush*

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