04 October 2006


By 4:00 pm I am usually blinking with much force every two minutes, thanks to many hours of staring at my computer screen, so today I am experimenting with glasses.

I have undertaken this experiment by wearing glasses to work in lieu of my contact lenses, which I have worn for the past eighteen years. Not consecutively, of course. That would explain the discomfort.

8:05 am: I am washing things in the sink and notice that a glimmering sphere of dishwater has landed on my glasses. I immediately remove them and dry them off with much gusto. Who knows how such a contaminant will affect the rest of the study?

8:45 am: While driving into the parking deck I become acutely aware of the fact that I am wearing glasses. I forget that I am wearing glasses immediately, as my attention shifts to looking for a parking space. Glasses remain on my head while I exit the vehicle.

9:30 am: No blinking yet, but I feel like I should be wearing pajamas. I panic for a minute thinking that I am, and then settle back into my work.

10:00 am-12:00 pm: My office hours. No students stop by to see whether or not I am wearing glasses today. This is very disappointing.

12:15 pm: I proceed down the hall to my colleague's office, and announce, "I am wearing glasses today!" Apparently she had noticed this.

12:45 pm: Off to an important meeting soon. Will I gain more respect and admiration because of my glasses? Will I be completely incognito? Will I be called four eyes? Results will follow.


Penultimatina said...

UPDATE: Again, no mention of the glasses, which makes me wonder...am I really wearing them?

Steven D. Schroeder said...

I wore contacts for approximately a month in high school. My eyes never got used to them, and they were always coming off and floating around my eye, and other such bad things, so I quit. I still hope for Lasik or similar someday soon.

Penultimatina said...

I was always terrified about that Lasik thing, but these days it sounds tempting. Or, as tempting as that can sound, I suppose.

Terra said...

I wear my glasses only at my work computer. If I wear them outside of work, I get the feeling the sidewalk rounds down and I'm going to fall off. Consequently, I feel like I walk strangely with the glasses, so I squint on the weekends. It's a difficult balance.

Good luck with the experiment.

Justin Evans said...

When I need glasses, and the day is swiftly aproaching, I will wear glasses. I cannot even think to put something on top of my eyeball.

Bailey said...

I like wearing glasses.

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