28 October 2006

Devil's Night approaches

Time to wish a happy birthday to dear Byf.

Here to haunt your neighborhood dorm.

Good golly, is this picture really, like, fourteen years old or something? It's my freshman dorm room in Couzens Hall.

Soda and pies to you, mi amigo!


Justin Evans said...

Mary B. as a blonde. How did that happen?

Penultimatina said...

It was long, long ago.

And it was not natural.


Frank said...

Happy Byrthday, Byf!

Byf said...

Dear God! I am remiss for not checking your blog sooner. Thanks for the birthday wishes! And damn you for bringing out that photo, with the rhododendron that is my hair!

Is that the V'rai songbook I see in your lap?

Byf said...

Also, if I remember correctly, that photo was taken during Hash Bash, hence the eyes that look like road maps.

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