25 October 2006

Far better than your average coaster.

Hey, has anyone else received the new Hart Crane issue of FIELD? Holy smokes, I can't put it down. I get a lot of coasters in the mail, and fly swatters, but this litmag is neither. Check out the essay by Elton Glaser. It hypnotized me, so proceed with caution.

My cat blogs, once again, about her exploits on the small screeen. I have no idea why she isn't doing better in the Kitten War. Jealousy?

Add a line to the collaborative fiction here.

Why is there a black blazer hanging in my car right now? Because I got a new job as a magician? No. Because tonight performance poet Ray McNiece is reading at UA. There will be mini quiche, too.

What kind of dessert should I buy for Friday night with friends? Yes, desserts are purchased in my household. I have no patience. Don't you dare ask me to bake cookies.


Frank said...

Thanks for the plug!

Now how's 'bout some cookies?

Kidding. As you know, cookies fall under my purview.

Penultimatina said...

I think I will buy PRUNES.

Robert said...

Nothing like polopping a Costco cheesecake on a glass platter and claiming you spent hours on the graham cracker crust.

Penultimatina said...

Hey! How did you know that I bought a cheesecake? :)

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