22 December 2006

Song of sevens.

Editing the ms for Prairie Fever today, and I can't believe how many poems I have with seven-line stanzas. I wonder what this means.

Also popular:

Alternating between six and seven line stanzas.

Three line stanzas.


Line breaks that make the poem look like a belt going down the page.

So what are your tendencies, stanza-wise? I'm afraid I am going to have no choice but to actually think about this from now on. Boo!

P.S. Here's a wee peek at the photo that will be on the cover.

Like a prairie 2007


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing photograph. Thanks for posting it.

John Gallaher said...

Goes well with the title. I love when the cover of a book supports, but renegotiates some of the connotations of, the title.

I don't think I've ever written a seven line stanza.

Twos, ones, and threes, I think are my favorite.

"miota" is my verification word for this. Nice.
The one line stanza seems so existential.

Sandra said...

I'm really a fan of couplets. I blame Marie Howe's _What the Living Do_...

I'll see you in Atlanta, absolutely.

Frank said...

Song of Sevens.

very nice indeed.

btw, my verification word i motqumis, which is Latin for...?

Frank said...

oups. Typo.

i = is

I wasn't intending shoegazer-y lower case I thing.


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