26 December 2006


Weeks like this you just want to pack up your new Polly Poukets (sic) and your vanilla-scented musical octopus and bask in the sunshine (coming through the window) with the heat cranked up, coughing every two minutes because you got a virus for Christmas, drinking Snapple diet green tea (even though you really hate Snapple because of Rush Limbaugh, and memories of keeping a Snapple under the counter while working the cash register at Perry Drugs some fourteen years ago), alternating between mini nervous breakdowns re: winter break to-do list and mini revelations re: New Year's resolutions.

New Year's hasn't been outrageously fun for a long time, but this was a very good year, so I did purchase some shrimp and Cava (not kava...that's a different kind of fun).

Now on to the miscellany!

Sara has good news. Many congrats!

Check out the fab new NEOMFA logo in our new ad on page 151 of the Jan/Feb Poets & Writers.

Much good company (hello, dear Erica B.) in the new issue of The Iowa Review!

With an alleged week of jury duty ahead of me, I am starting to wish that I lived in Iowa.

More good company on the 2nd floor.

I do not shop here, thank you very much, though I do have very bloodshot eyes right now. Boo!

Has anyone tried the new new blogger? I'm too scared.

Best wishes to all y'all who are at MLA now, and good job interview wishes to those on the hunt!


Frank said...

So much news I don't know where to start. The picture is too sweet for words.

Re: New Year's -- Do you like to eat beans?

Much love to the NEOMFA.

The Iowa Review has needed classed up for a while now, so it's great to see you in there.

Hang in there, cough-ieghis!

Penultimatina said...

Needed classed up? You are all Ohio now, eh?

Frank said...

Thought you'd like that.

aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...

Oh that is the sweetest photo-- but you know, I think the spelling is correct...I think the C just rolled onto its back!

Happy 2007 to you!

Penultimatina said...

Nice job decoding that preschool handwriting, K! Gabi doesn't get to use a Sharpie very often; thus the flip-over.


Terra said...

What did Rush do to Snapple?

Was Santa handing out colds to everyone this year or what?!

New blogger is ok. It's easier to change your template, but you can still use html if you prefer. It's not that bad.

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