02 January 2007


Anyone else ever find a note in a book (that hasn't been opened in years) and have absolutely no idea who wrote it, or why it's there?

P.S. Turns out this one was written in a bar. I bet you never could've guessed that, eh?


Justin Evans said...

check yer e-mail for a poem I wrote based upon the picture you posted on your blog

Anonymous said...


You should send in yer find!

Happy New Year!

Penultimatina said...

Justin: thanks for the awesome poem! Now I think that I need to write one, too.

J.N.: I love Found! I went to school with Davy Rothbart at UM, too. Happy 2007 to you!

Off to fashion a nest from pretzels and peanut shells...

Anonymous said...

Did birds and trees elide the bees and flowers? Inquring minds want to know.

(PS Just found a good anthology Hammer and Strike. I don't know if it's too late for you to check out this one).

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