22 February 2007

The poetic series: holy crap.

I've never set out to intentionally write a series of poems before. Usually I write poems with similar themes and dramatis personae, so I never saw the need to do a series. Who neeeds more blood and train tracks, right?

However, after admiring how folks like
Jessica Jewell use the series with tremendous results, I thought I'd give it a try. Now I'm writing one poem a day, which is very prolific for me. In fact, I've never written this much before. Except maybe in high school, while babysitting or something.

What are your feelings about writing a series? Have you done it? Shunned it? Loved it?

Is it really hard to publish series poems on their own, in journals?

Justin has been patiently listening to me babble about my series, and the chapbook it will hopefully become. He is sharing his advice about
assembling a chapbook manuscript on his blog, so check it out.

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