10 March 2007

AWP Photo

Here I am with Brandi Homan at the Switchback Books reading in Atlanta. Thanks for sharing this, Brandi (and not the others that I'm sure you have...)


Sandra said...

Aw, that was such a wonderful reading! Maybe my favorite of the whole conference (though I'm biased by the memory of Django Cafe's incredible honey BBQ ribs at dinner beforehand).

So glad we got to see each other in person. Now, if I can just get my hands on your book! And I'm dying to see the new Rhino--I kept running into good poets who said they'd be in it.

Cheers, Sandra

Penultimatina said...

Sandra, it was great to see you again! (I think I met you in Austin when you stopped by the RHINO booth too). The new RHINO is fantastic, and you should be getting your copy soon.


Oliver de la Paz said...

Mary, I'm still sorry 'bout missing your reading for the __________ Press reading. Yours would've been way more fun, for sure.

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