28 March 2007

Man the flying saucers

Yesterday while I was crossing the street on campus I saw a car with this license plate: OMG TT. Of course I read it as "oh my god, tenure track." Is it supposed to be some kind of sorority thing? If it's tenure track, wouldn't the car owner change the plates to WTF TT after a year or so?

In the OMG department: thanks to whatever book rep sent me
this Robert Lowell book to consider for a future class. That was pretty cool.

I'm teaching one class this summer: Modern American Poetry. I think it should be pretty righteous. It's five days a week, which leaves lots of time for those fantastic Lannan films about the authors. I also like to do a lot of nontraditional assignments, like writing imitations and performing the poems. Those should be good for summer.

Nobody has noticed my haircut, and that is just fine with me.

Right now I'm trying to finish "Saint Monica's Sweet Sixteen." Do you ever get to the end of a poem and feel like you are totally dragging? So then you start blogging about minutae? Not me.

Yesterday we got pictures of Gabi in her cap and gown for preschool graduation. She looks like she is eighteen years old. Cute, but freaky.

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