28 March 2007

What does it all mean?

Customers tagged similar products with

poetry (4), verse novel (1), james othmer (1), the futurist (1), 20th century european fiction (1), dog friends (1), german literature (1), germany (1), guenter grass (1), historical dimensions and perspectives (1), literature nobel prize winners (1), northern skies (1), wake up calls (1), war and peace (1), mennonite (1)

Any amazon-savvy people know what these tags really mean? Dog friends? What a list.


J. Newberry said...

Oh Where, Oh Where has Mary B gone?

Oh Where, Oh Where can she be?

Penultimatina said...

I'm here! Getting ready to do a slew of MFA thesis defenses in the next two weeks. Good golly!

James P. Othmer said...

Sorry to have intruded upon your tag universe. Not my doing, I swear (though I can't complain about the Nobel-winning company). Good luck with your writing and teaching and cheers, JPO

Penultimatina said...

Thanks for stopping by, JPO! Much cheer to you and your mysterious tags.

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