But it ain't even sock weather no more

Deborah tagged me to name what five songs knock my socks off.

These are in no particular order.

1. Waiting Room--Fugazi
2. Second Skin--Widespread Panic
3. Heroin--The Velvet Underground
4. 99 Problems--Jay-Z (& DJ Danger Mouse)
5. The Killing Moon--Echo and the Bunnymen

I'm sure these reveal a great deal--or nothing at all--about me.

I'm tagging Stephanie, Oliver, Gary, and Sara (no escaping me!) for this one.


Justin Evans said…
I just now, before coming to your blog, finished listening to "Heroin" by the VU. Freaky!
Ooh, Waiting Room. Good call. I also like Cashout and Repeater a lot.
32poems said…
Waiting Room! Of course. One of my favorites, yet I'm having a hard time coming up with the next one for some reason.
Sara said…
What is the exact definition of "knock your socks off"? I just want to make sure I'm doing this right... : )
Adam Deutsch said…
"Heroin" does to me in 7:05 almost exactly what Bowie's "Life On Mars?" takes care of in 3:54. To avoid the tag, take Deltron's "Madness", Herbaliser's "Unsungsong", and Tom Wait's "Never Let Go"...or pick almost any 5 songs by Tom Waits.
Stephanie King said…
Hmm. I'm really going to have to think abouot this one a little bit before I make my list.
32poems said…
Mary, Swing by my blog today. =) Deb
Penultimatina said…

Sara, I don't think you can do this wrong. Just five songs that make you want to jump out of your seat.
Is getting your socks knocked off a good thing?
Penultimatina said…
Yes! :)
Lee Herrick said…
ah, fugazi. yes. oliver tagged me, so i'm working on my list. love the photo with you and the guitar.
Penultimatina said…
Thanks Lee! Good luck with the list.