02 May 2007

Snap to it

It's 11:15 am and I have gotten next to nothing done. At 10:00 I decided that my lack of productivity would be speedily remedied by a tall vanilla latte. The tall vanilla latte has been gone for twenty minutes now, and I'm still not getting things done.

Check out the cover of the anthology we made for my MFA poetry workshop students. Greg is responsible for all of the layout and formatting, as well as the cover art. Each student has a poem published in the anthology, and a preface written by a classmate. 5:20 pm is the time our class starts, and I thought that would make a cool title.

Paul has some really awesome news. Congratulations, Paul!

I, too, am glad that NaPoWriMo is over. I'm not sure I wrote anything in April. Further proof of cruellty (sic).

It's so beautiful outside today. I really need to start freaking myself out and getting back to work. Tonight's my last evening class until the fall, and I sure am happy about that schedule-wise, but I am really going to miss this fantastic group.


J. Newberry said...

Coolio. tag

Penultimatina said...

Fun--thanks, Jeff.

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