I'm it.

Keith has tagged me to divulge eight things nobody has asked me to share. Here goes.

1. Anthologies annoy me. (Ha ha! See earlier post)

2. I usually wear only four earrings, but I could wear six if I wanted. (That is NOT supposed to sound cryptic and suggestive. I'm talking ears here, folks.)

3. I have not been back to Chicago after moving to Akron two years ago. After our recent trip to Ann Arbor with two kids, I doubt we'll be hitting the road again for quite a while (unless they invent a car seat that's also a soundproof straightjacket).

4. My head used to be 3/4 shaved and my hair used to be platinum blonde. Not my natural color. I went back to brown after it turned green thanks to the water in Bowling Green, Ohio. I should've known.

5. I went to school straight through from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of my Ph.D. I got a 4.0 throughout all seven years of grad school, and my last two years of undergrad. I am a dork and have the transcripts to prove it (as if further evidence was needed).

6. Kittens still look cute to me even though I have five cats. I do not own any dogs.

7. My favorite drink is Jack & Diet Coke with a twist of lime. Don't make fun of me! It's good.

8. I haven't gone to a movie or concert in years, and I don't plan to again any time in the future.

I tag Sara Tracey and Mona Lisi for this.


Sara said…
Mary, you totally have to post a picture of your platinum/shaved head. You can't tease us like that.
Jack and Diet Coke is good.

For a fun time, ask Jake York about Jack Daniels...
Penultimatina said…
Ack! That means I'll have to take a picture of a picture (and find those pictures in the first place). Hmmm.
Adam Deutsch said…
You're one a few people making me think of getting a cat.
Jeff said…
9. You still bear a grudge against Liz Sullivan.

And I'm so with you on the Jack and Diet Coke. The diet part helps cut the sickly sweetness.