05 June 2007

Three cheers for the revision process!

I'm always reluctant to put revision suggestions into action when revising poems. In theory I am all in favor of getting feedback, and some things I instantly accept and change (grammar flubs, things that everyone misinterprets in ways I didn't intend), but it's those little cuts and switches that give me pause.

Recently my friend and Barn Owl Review co-po-editor Jay started giving me comments by just making the changes on the draft in Word and sending the revision to me. Holy crap--that is so helpful! Maybe it's only helpful because his comments are so good, but wow, it is so nice to actually see what somebody means and to read the changes in context.

I always feel a tad shady when I rewrite portions of my students' poems and stories (typed or by hand), but I guess it's different when you're working with a friend instead of a professor.

So how the heck do y'all revise your drafts? Let's hear it.

I will be spending my day sweeping up strange string beanesque seed pods in my yard and recaulking my showers, so perhaps I will think further on this topic as I work.

PS--I am going to get that beer mug insignia embroidered on all of my sweaters. Yeah.


jessica said...

I just finished embroidering a bottle of Patron onto all of my summer things. Weird. :)

Adam Deutsch said...

More trees die by my hand than I am comfortable with, but I still like getting scribbles back. They once suggested around here that we write all our poems with chisels into stone so that we think really hard before we write something--which I suppose would cut down on revision.

Frank said...

I used to carry a printed copy of my stories around and go bit by bit through and tighten up. I don't have the time (or the stories, really ;)) to work similarly now. I find I'm more careful going through on the first pass and then My Reader (you know who you are) gives me great stuff to use on revision.

Bailey said...

I don't revise. I suggest that others revise their opinion of my writings.

That is all.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

I used to rewrite other people's poems as revision suggestions. Now I just do it because I like to.

John Gallaher said...

Emailing Word documents back and forth is my favorite way to exchange drafts, but only when both of us are (what's the bast way to say it?) close enough to handle the direct application of suggestions.

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