07 June 2007

Thursday tidbits

Check out Western Reruns by Clay Matthews, available for free download from End & Shelf Books.

If you, too, are finishing up your Modern American Poetry syllabus for the course that starts Monday and need a copy of George Cabot Lodge's Poems 1899-1902, you can find it for free here on google books, which is the strangest thing I've ever seen. I know that I've read a bunch of articles about books scanned online, but who knew that one could ever come in handy like this?

PS--The GCL poems are to make the students appreciate Modernism and applaud the end of the Genteel Tradition. I applaud this every day of my life.

Alleluia--Frank has finally responded to the meme after a long hiatus.

Alleluia x 2--Schubert has done the same, though who knows how accurate the answers are, because she seems to have the brown bottle flu today or something.


Bailey said...

Thanks for the heads up, but I've already finished my syllabus.

Penultimatina said...

Great--care to proofread mine, in that case?

Bailey said...

I would love to. It's probably best, though, that you not leave it on the couch for me (see my blog for further info).

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