13 July 2007

Backs against the hall, now! Whoopeesh!

The best thing about teaching summer session is getting to see what all of the classroom equipment is up to when not in constant use. I'm glad the session is over, however, because I have a lot of reading and writing to catch up on. That is, once I finish all of my grading this weekend. With a class of 12, it shouldn't be too taxing. Please don't let it be too taxing.

We had such a great dinner outside last night that I might want to do that more often. We have a large covered patio area that's nice but under-used. When I was growing up my parents always wanted to eat outside, and I hated it (naturally) because we were always being dive-bombed by bees trying to freak the quince tree.

In the hound report, things are going really well. Rubi is keeping her smaller crate space tidy, and enjoying romps around the backyard. Right now she's crashed out on my lap and will be disappointed when I have to leave and go to the gym, but that's the life of a dog, right? Thanks to everyone for the training advice!


cornshake said...

yay! glad the smaller crate thing worked! i want more pics of Rubi! could i use more exclamation points?! please??!

Penultimatina said...

CS, every time I brag about Rubi's progress with the crate I give you a parenthetical citation (really, I do!) Thanks again for the advice!

I'm going to take more pics. :)

Frank said...


Really, she does. Thanks!

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