12 July 2007

It's the penultimate...

...day of my summer session class. Halleluia! I hope things will be on the upswing once this weekend of grading is through.

Nin is thinking about five things today, so I will do five (plus .5).

1. Is this final exam I'm writing too easy? I love writing poet identification questions, and I have so much fun doing it that I forget to be difficult sometimes. There's always the spelling-of-names factor to even things out, however.

2. Is Rubi shitting in her crate today while I'm here blogging? We made it much smaller (thanks, Cornshake) and hopefully that will help. Overnight and this morning she did great with going outside (except for the dual slip-up on Ray's bedroom rug, which was promptly banished). I am missing her a bit today, which is good for the whole bonding thing.

Yesterday I was thinking that getting a dog was a huge mistake and wondering why on earth people keep them as pets in the first place. I'm not used to having (non-human) animals dictate my schedule, and it's really strange how she just knows I'm not in the room and has to go find me. I'd love to hear some happy dog stories right about now. Maybe I should watch Lassie.

3. I used to think it was total b.s. when people said that having a puppy is like having a baby. I recant any statements of that nature.

4. It's really nice outside today, and I am so happy to be able to open windows. I'm hosting dinner for my mom's birthday tonight, and now we can sit outside on the patio (with the dog). I love "good sleeping weather" and apparently so does Ray, because he slept through the night last night for the first time in a year. Does my typing seem well rested and sprightly today?

5. Last weekend I had a dream that AWP was in Rome one year. Nobody wanted to go to the panels (including me). It was glorious.

5.5 Getting the dog has made me appreciate my cats a lot more. Not to knock dogs or anything. I'm just proud of my cats because they are all whatever about the new animal in the house (except Seamus, who got all puff-tail and hiss on her this morning). I like the way that cats (usually) leave you alone and seek you out when they need you. I am a bit ashamed at how catlike I am.

Are you a cat? Are you a dog? None of the above?


Penultimatina said...


As of 1:00 PM EST Rubi has not messed in her crate.

Will she succeed in part two of her mission?

To be continued...

Nin Andrews said...

Oh my god is that funny!
Puppies ARE like babies. But you could do worse.
When I was kid, we used to rescue starlings that fell out of the eves on the house. The trick was to get to them before the cats ate them. Once they grew a litle and started flying around, they'd come back to our windows and scream, feed me! Feed me! They liked Mom's window, esp at 5 AM. Animals always know which one is the real mom.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

My dad's dog Fischer is a German wirehair pointer. His favorite toy is a huge plastic paint can lid (about the size of a hubcap) that you can roll or throw very far, and he'll retrieve it. He knows it's called his toy, so if you say "Fischer, where's your toy?" or just "Fischer, toy!" he'll perk up and start looking around for it. Or tilt his head and look at you as if trying to figure out why you're saying it instead of throwing it.

cheryl said...

When our poodle had her litter, we kept the lot of them in a playpen. Like babies, indeed.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Puppies hate messies in craties.

Also, AWP would be spectacular in Rome. Vegas would be cool, too.

terra said...

I walk my dog every day - way too early in the morning. That walk makes me appreciate her so much more. We get to see the sunrise together. It's such a nice start to the day.

I thought our dog was a mistake until we started training. It makes all the difference in the world. Get a good book or two, or check into training.

My cats wake me up at 4:50 am to be fed. Dog sleeps in!

Jeff said...

Tell Patsy happy birthday from her homeland! And give your puppy a pat for me.

32poems said...

Aw. my cat was named Seamus.

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