27 July 2007

Here kitty, kitty...

I knew this was coming, and I'm not surprised, because I've never had any P-love, but what's up with the rejection slip that says, even if you submitted four poems:

Because of the enormous number of manuscripts we receive, we ask that you limit submissions to no more than four poems.

Like, maybe they should stamp something on the SASE that says "We will not reply to your submission without an SASE" or "Ceci n'est pas un envelope." Maybe one of the poems I sent was a more-than-one-poem!

It's always a happy day when the non-sim-sub poems come home to roost, however. I can't wait to send them out again. But where? Suggestions?


Oliver de la Paz said...

How's about the B'ham Review?

Penultimatina said...

Hmmm...I haven't sent there in a while. Good idea!

aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...

Jeannine & I were just talking about where to submit last night.

Here are some names on my list:

Cimarron Review
Burnside Review
Public Space

Good luck to you!

Adam Deutsch said...

I'm kinda in love with Tuesday: An Art Project, and they rejected me in almost record time, so they're not only pretty, but also really quick!

Nin Andrews said...

Did you go to my AWP panel when I read the nasty letter Poetry send Syd Lea ages ago? Phew. But that was before they got so rich.

I like Poetry International. And Willow Springs (even if I've never been published there).

Penultimatina said...

Nin, I totally remember that! Adam and I were both there, actually. I don't think Adam was wearing shoes. We both really loved that panel. Right, Adam?

Thanks for the suggestions, y'all.

The Militant Gardener said...

May I suggest Southern Poetry Review. I'm a fan. -Of SPR and you!


Anne said...

Hee... I had the exact same reaction to that line when I got mine (it was the only mail awaiting me in my P.O. box when I got back from Provincetown; talk about a "welcome back to earth"...) -- I triple checked my records just to make sure I really had sent them only four. It's true that I am a poet, not a mathematician; and it's true that I belong to a group called Five Women Poets which has six members in it; but really, I'm quite certain I can count to four correctly!

John Gallaher said...

Where to send poems... there are several catagories of literary journals, but the catagory that is always the most difficult to go back to is the catagory called "Journals I love, but which always reject the work I send."

And then there's the question of when to re-submit to a journal that's published one in the past...

Here are a few of my favorite print journals, fwiw:

New American Writing
Colorado Review

Penultimatina said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, y'all.

Hi Lane! I just blogrolled you. ;)

There are places like Pleiades where I sent for year after year after year, getting lots of ink but no dice. The only place like that that finally gave in was Indiana Review. Usually I get 'em on the first try or I never get 'em, like with P-shares, Iowa Review, Crazyhorse.

Some of the mags y'all listed are new to me. Time to check them out!

John Gallaher said...

My Poetry rejection just came in the mail yesterday. The same one you got, with the whole "only send four poems" bit.

With all the money Poetry has, one would think they could hire someone who would tell them how arrogant it looks to write on a rejection slip what one's submission guidelines are, no matter if the poet followed those guidelines or not in her or his submission.

I sent four poems. Why do they think they need to remind me to send four poems? I already know to send four poems.

It's one thing to be rejected, we all expect that, but to be rejected with this, what feels like, a scolding, is really rather rude.

Penultimatina said...

I agree completely, John. I don't care about the rejection, but that little scolding...


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