28 August 2007

Among Schoolchildren

Hello, Fall 2007 semester! I'm wearing high-heeled shoes just for you. I've put together these binders and color-coordinated my syllabus clips, and I am ready to start. Teaching at 10:45 is throwing me for a loop, however, because I usually have a class before that. I'm sitting here in my office suffering (mini) panic attacks, wanting to go check the seminar room down the hall to make sure I haven't gotten the times wrong.

I really love my courses this semester: Intro to Writing Poetry, New Poetry (an upper level + grad lit survey of contemporary American poetry), and an MFA Craft & Theory on First Books. Here are the books, if you're interested. Next semester I have my very first course release, so I'll only be teaching two classes: Advanced Poetry Writing and MFA Poetry Workshop. Heavenly!

Check out the new issue of Hobble Creek Review, and happy back-to-school to all of the profs and students.

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