24 August 2007

I go back to 1979.

Here I am with my dog, Scuffy, when she was just a puppy. In this picture I'm the age my daughter is now, but I look a lot older than she does. A year after this picture my dog was about 80 lbs of crazy and sweetness. She's been gone for so long that I don't remember her as well as I wish I did.

Rest in peace, sweet howler

Ray has finally started walking on his own, and last night as I was making dinner he actually started playing with Rubi. She'd dragged her fleece bed out of the crate, as is her wont, and Ray sat down on it. Then Rubi sat on Ray's lap. Then they were passing toys back and forth. Nobody was whining or jumping up on anybody. I was too slow to get a picture.

I'm about to put the finishing touches on my syllabi and turn them in for copying. I made some changes and found some new fonts and I like how they turned out. Picnic with the grad students this afternoon. I've had about enough of 92 degrees and muggy.

Friday confession: I'm not thinking about school again until Monday.


Amanda said...

I'm a sucker for old school pics! You're so cute. (And so is your dog!)


Penultimatina said...

Thanks, Amanda! I love the old pics too, even if they're all grainy.

Nin Andrews said...

I can't believe how much you can do, dog, kids and all. Wow.

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