Rainy Tuesday.

Of course I swore no dog on the furniture, but it's day two of waiting around to see if our front steps are going to be rebuilt, and Rubi has apparently taken a shine to sitting on my lap while I read. If I'm quick enough I can pile some mss on her back and take notes.

Earlier I was escorting her around the yard with an umbrella, and realized how silly it looks for a grown woman to be providing umbrella service for a seven pound dog attacking a mini soccer ball. What is it about dogs that brings this out in us? The great desire to keep them from pooping by the fireplace?


Adam Deutsch said…
More animals on blogs please...anyone got an African Grey? Do you teach it haiku?
Nin Andrews said…
Aw! I have special furniture covers--dumb idea--they never come off, just as the dogs don't. My little couch potato pups.
SarahJane said…
That's a nice chair. And a nice dog. And apparently she knows that spots look nice on swirls.