13 August 2007

Saint Monica realizes that there are two weeks left before the beginning of the semester.

As if the mix cd to help me attack the incline press wasn't enough, Jessica sent the above portrait of Saint Monica to help inspire me. Thank you, Jessica! I'm going to have such a mean face on when listening to this mix that nobody will attempt making small talk with me. How wonderful!

The past few weeks have been a sort of diffuse combination of dog training, household projects, scrutinizing calendars, re-reading books for my classes, not writing poems, and freaking out about my daughter becoming a kindergartener soon. But now there are only two weeks left before classes start, and I need to get serious. I work best under pressure. Expect a bit of complaining over the next week, followed by some frantic--and productive--panic.

I think I may need to drop everything and write a new poem this morning. You should, too!


Adam Deutsch said...

A few of my friends are training their cats to use the toilet. If you need something else to add to your list of things to do...just saying.

And thanks. You've reminded me I have to read my own texts too.

Penultimatina said...

I once tried toilet training a cat. She just held it until we put the pan back. I wish you could toilet train dogs. Maybe I'll work on that in my copious spare time too... ;)

John Guzlowski said...

Two weeks before school starts.

You must have died and gone to heaven because people all over america are starting to groan already because school started today.

I start next week--but only if my school gets the WEBCT conversion fixed!

dixiedreams said...

are these st. monica's peeps? they look like fun!

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