29 September 2007

The F Word

To any Midwesterner, the clouds below mean one thing, and one thing only:

Yes, Fall has arrived in Northeast Ohio, even if it's warm enough to wear flip flops to an afternoon soccer game. There are brown leaves all over the place, and vivid reds on the trees around here. Jeannine and I may just have to snap a few pics of them on our way to Fredonia (which I keep accidentally spelling "Fredonica" when I type it).

It's going to be a really goofy week. I don't usually leave the state for a craft talk and reading (and night in an Inn sans pets and baby-cutting-molars), then come back to the state with a poet friend, then drag said poet friend around my campus, then celebrate at gala reading for poet friend. Right now I'm feeling all cheesy and sentimental, and not just about leaving my crew at home. I spend so much time with my students that I will really miss them! Normally I bring them along for all of my travel: Winter Wheat, AWP, Youngstown on a Friday night.

I will compensate for any Word Cage down time by sharing oodles of pics upon my return. Please wish me luck as I throw everything together! (I do not travel light.)


Sara said...

What a great picture, Mary.

I don't know how I'm going to cope with you being out of town. You just might find me sleeping outside your office when you come back.

jessica said...

i really miss the clouds. the drama of nimbus. i really miss ohio in the fall.

Frank said...

That picture kicks ass.

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