19 October 2007

Casual Friday.

Sara (who just turned in a knockout thesis manuscript--go send her some props!) blogged about this frat house demolition yesterday, but here's what it looked like this morning. Anyone else out there with a ghoulish fascination for such things? For me it's always a toss up between city demo and collapsing barns. I love them both.

Okay, on to the Friday Confessions.

1. I haven't been to Starbucks in so long, but right now I have a tall nonfat sugar free vanilla latte sitting next to me, and it is bringing me more joy than it should. Over the summer I'd walk over there every day. Now I'm too busy.

2. I know that I should feel bad about old buildings getting knocked down in Akron (see above), but I am actually thrilled, because it means more revitalization for our city. Akron is unusually modern for a Rust Belt town. I love it here.

3. There's a tall stack of grading in my office, but I think I am going to read all day and give my hand a rest. If only I can stay away from the computer...

4. I'm not as organized as I might seem. I love to put things off until they're critical. This is one of my worst character flaws.

5. I have not gone to the movies in over two years, and I am actually proud of this fact, though I'm not sure why I'm adding it to the list. Maybe because these confessions aren't scandalous enough.

6. I left my umbrella in the car today, and I think I am going to need it. (How's that for a dull and pedestrian confession?)


Karen J. Weyant said...

I think all scrapper poets love demolitions!

Penultimatina said...

Karen, you have an excellent point! ;)

jessica said...

Your posts always make me miss the rust belt sooooooooo much. I don't know if it's childhood, or the curse of the cuyahoga. but I just miss the place. so... thanks for these. it makes me happy. :)

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