20 October 2007


Murray is the nicest cat in our house. And that is saying a lot, because we have five cats. Because of his sweetness he gets away with a lot of crap (jumping on counters, terrorizing houseplants), but in this pic he's just chilling with some Halloween-themed stuffed animals. This is about as Halloweeny as I'm getting this year. In a few days I'll stick my hand inside a pumpkin and pull all the gunk out. That always feels so therapeutic.

This weekend is supposed to be the peak of Fall leaves in Northeast Ohio. I'll snap some for you, Justin. It's in the lower 60s today and I can't figure out whether to wear a coat or not. By the time I get back from a vigorous walk with the dog, I'm super hot, but at the beginning of the walk I'm freezing.

Gotta check out that new Radiohead, though I feel too guilty to download it gratis. I read A. Van Jordan's MACNOLIA yesterday, plus a hush-hush ms that absolutely knocked my socks off. You know the feeling, where you're so transfixed by a book that nothing could make you move? Oh, that doesn't happen often enough.


Bailey said...

Yeah yeah yeah. We get it. Murray is a nice cat.

I think we can all agree that a certain Schubert cat would have complimented the scenery much better.

Penultimatina said...

Don't you mean complemented, Schubert?


Justin Evans said...


Thank you for thinking of me during Fall pic time. I appreciate it.

garylmcdowell said...

My ms would knock your socks off.

Now if I could just find a press that feels the same way....

WW is rapidly approaching!!

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