Friday roundup.

Okay, this will really be a mini-roundup, but it's been a good publishing day for me. Two poems picked up by Valparaiso Poetry Review, and since I don't simultaneously submit any more, I don't have to withdraw them from anywhere. Hooray!

I'm typing this on my new laptop, which the crack tech team was able to load with all my files in just a couple of hours today.

And finally, here's the front cover for the inaugural issue of Barn Owl Review. Photo is thanks to Greg, who luckily brings his camera everywhere, in case there's a flaming limo to snap.


Cool deal about VPR. I've been meaning to send work for some time... :-)
greg rappleye said…
Congratulations on the acceptances.

And the BOR looks great!
Anne said…
Congrats on VPR! That's a nice journal.

And that cover image is striking. Very cool.
Amy said…
Well, BOR's first print cover puts to rest any notion that Ohio-based Barn Owl Review is a sweet, Midwestern journal... LOVE IT.

Congrats on Valparaiso.
garylmcdowell said…
Yeah buddy! That cover looks great. I'm a lucky poet.

And congrats on VPR. They do consistently great work there.
jeannine said…
Barn Owl looks cool!
And congrats about VPR! Big hugs!
Justin Evans said…
Adam Deutsch said…
You know, once we get that fire out, I think I can fix that limo.... said…
Congratulations on the acceptances. I like the cover of Barn Owl. Are issues available now? I'd love to buy one.

I'm loving the new design. It's been too long since I stopped by your blog -- hiding head --.

Penultimatina said…
Deborah, we're going to press in a month or so, and will be ready for AWP. I hope you'll be there--I missed you last year.

The new color scheme is actually brand spankin' new. ;)
B-Ho said…
Oh! Love the cover. Perfect.

And congrats ;)