07 December 2007

A Big Day Ahead

Today my university hosts the Fall 07 NEOMFA graduation reading, and I get to give a little speech. Right now it's snowing like crazy, so I may need to incorporate a snowball fight into the afternoon's program. Just kidding, Sara. I really hope I can get up my driveway at lunchtime, because I need to get all suited and ready. I love this stuff.

Bumped into my dear colleague Eric Wasserman in the parking lot this morning, and he snapped the snowy pic above. It's really coming down! Eric and I both got primo spots in the Olin lot. Last day of classes + crazy snow = good parking, apparently.

I have a ton of grading ahead of me this week, but today all I'm going to focus on is this graduation. Many congrats to Sara, and all the other graduates!


Sara said...

Thanks Mary!

I wasn't going to wear tall boots today, but after looking out the window at all that snow, I don't think any of my heels are going to cut it.

Penultimatina said...

It's is definitely a WYTB day! I think I will really need them, too.

See you this afternoon!

Frank (the Colt) said...

Wow, it's snowing a lot out there! Winter looks like it's really here.

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