20 December 2007

Final Exam

I never thought I'd see the day (especially not with this nutso stanza), but above one of Jessica's students notes the fact that my similes bring out intense emotion. Thank you, dear student! I hope you did well on your final exam.

Today and tomorrow are administrative crunch days. Potential NEOMFA applicants are coming out of the woodwork, we're doing the final proofing of BOR, and I need to finish my final report for the Ohio Arts Council grant that gave me time to work on Monica. Then tomorrow afternoon I get to activate the away messages, and take a little time off.

Until the "winter break to-do list" kicks in, of course.


Frank said...

Does it feel odd to see your work handwritten in penmanship that is obviously not yours?

Like hearing a tape recording of your voice?

Penultimatina said...

Yeah. It's uncanny. But not screechy, like my voice.

jessica said...

Actually she was only one of three students to get an A in the class--but that little paper just cracks me up!

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