21 January 2008

The Owls. They've Landed.

Can you believe my will power?

They've been here for two+ hours, and I have not tampered with the boxes. Greg wants to open them. So I'll just sit here and restrain myself until he gets home.

More details soon!


Sara said...

oooh, ooh, can I come over?

On second thought, I'm still not done with my class plans. But you'll bring one to school tomorrow, right?

Penultimatina said...

Of course I'll bring one, Sara! I'll get there by 8:30, and I will put it in your (new) mailbox.

Still haven't peeked.

Still not done with my class plans either, alas.

Adam Deutsch said...

You, Miss, are a rock.

Penultimatina said...

Once I left a hershey's kiss on my desk for an entire semester.

Then I threw it out.

A rock, indeed. Granite.

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