18 January 2008

We don't (usually) bite.

Few things are more terrifying than the evil, smug-looking editors leering at you from behind their tables at the AWP book fair. At Barn Owl Review, we recognize this unpleasant fact, and bring you the pictures below, which will introduce you to the dramatis personae of our table, and hopefully make you much less frightened of us.

This is Jay Robinson (and me, with much shorter hair). He's really tall, but he's not going to throw you across the bookfair if you don't have exact change.

This is Dawson Steeber. He will throw you across the bookfair if you don't have exact change. Just kidding. We'll both be working the table on Friday afternoon. Come say hello!

You obviously already know Sara. I'm so jealous that she and Jay V get to work the booth Thursday morning, while I'm pedagogy foruming and doing my book signing.

Speaking of Jay V, here's our resident rock star editor. Every journal's gotta have one, right?

So there you have it! No excuses. Come by and say hello to us and our new mag.


John Gallaher said...

I was feeling pretty good before, but now I'm terrified.

Frank (the Colt) said...

Wow your hair is a lot longer now.

Muser said...

I enjoyed the blog a lot. Good luck with writing, teaching, and editing.

Sara said...

Mary, must you always post the picture where we both look like hobbits? : )

Penultimatina said...

Okay, Sara. The hobbit remark is all I needed. No more of that pic.

We must take a replacement in NYC.

Sara said...

Yes! New pics in NYC. We can't forget. We always forget. : )

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