10 January 2008


OMG, y'all. Here's the proof of BOR#1. I really did get a little heart pitter-patter when I started flipping through the (proof) pages. I found one typo, which we can fix.

I will keep you posted, as the copies will arrive within the next couple of weeks. After AWP the paypal sales will begin; we'll have a link on the website. We are getting new t-shirts printed too, including one with the issue #1 cover on the front, and the contributors' names on the back, high school class style.

Now how am I supposed to proofread my syllabi after all this excitement?


John Gallaher said...


Congrats... and you're getting pretty close to the wire! We just sent our final proof back last week.

AWP is SOOOO early this year.

Penultimatina said...

Isn't it suspenseful?

Luckily we have a fabulous press--The Sheridan Press--right next door in PA.

How many copies of your new issue are y'all bringing to AWP?

John Gallaher said...

Oh, I don't know. We don't have anything set up yet with a shipper. I was thinking maybe I could just post a couple boxes to someone there, and they can carry it in for us?

Who is the shipper for AWP anyway? I don't remember getting a packet.

I think I'm losing my mind or something. My office mind. My other one, well, that happened long ago.


Karen J. Weyant said...

I won't be at AWP -- so I hope there are copies left over so I can buy one when you come back from New York!

Penultimatina said...

John, it's still Freeman, but we didn't get packets this year like we usually do. There's info online, but there was no way we were making those deadlines.

Luckily the interim director of the UA Press (we're sharing with the Akron Series in Po) is driving all of our boxes out. I'll probably be schlepping some down from my room, though.

Maybe this whole "give contributors' copies at the conference" thing wasn't such a brilliant idea after all...but it's so much fun.

Karen, I will most certainly save one for you. We are leaving part of the run at home, so we don't sell out.

Anne said...

Oh, so very cool! I sure wish I could be at AWP to jump up and down and squeal with y'all. :)

B-Ho said...

It's so pretty!! Congratulations :)

Oliver de la Paz said...

Slick! See you in NY.

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