10 January 2008

A song in your heart.

Writers, please take note!



a quarterly publication with its first issue slated for release in WINTER 2008. we love music, poetry, landscapes both natural and urban. we focus on art and writing that celebrates the transient, musical nature of the everyday. we are always accepting submissions of art, music, poetry, and longer editorial pieces. contact us at warblerzine@gmail.com

warbler's blog

We are looking to fill a few more pages in our first issue with the work of both published poets and ESPECIALLY students currently enrolled in an BA, MA, or MFA program with a creative writing emphasis. poetry submissions may be sent to warblerzine@gmail.com I should also stress that even though it's a 'zine', the design aesthetic will be significantly less chaotic than what the term 'zine' brings to mind. We're going for a nice, minimalist approach, with a few hints of whimsy.

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