03 January 2008

Snowball fight, anyone?

Wow, wouldn't it be fun to glue a bunch of cough drops together and throw them like a snowball? No? Okay.

I was hoping to take a picture of something snowy and important to serve as the First Post of 2008, but I'm sick, and I really don't feel like going outside right now. Will you forgive me?

Wee Raymond, however, is doing a lot better, so that's good. I'm just glad that this isn't the first week of classes, or else I would be a mess. The worst part is that I can't hear very well. I didn't realize how much I use that sense to know what's going on around me, who is sneaking up behind me, etc.

I think everyone is getting sick of hearing me say "AWP is just weeks away!" But it is.

I have been trying to make some New Year's resolutions, but the only one I have come up with, other than cooking less pasta, is to be more compassionate and less cynical. I've turned into one of those people who complains (a lot) about taxes. I never imagined I'd be that person. But you wouldn't believe how much...anyway.

I am trying to get excited about the Iowa Caucus, in between cough drops and sips of tea.


Frank (the Colt) said...

Sorry to hear about you being sick. That sucks. Hope your better for classes. I'm excited about the Iowa Caucas, but more excited that Bush's regien is almost over.

Byf said...

Don't feel bad. I recently caught myself saying something to the effect of "Kids these days" ... without irony.

Hope you feel (and hear) better soon.

Frank said...

I bet if you just put each of the cough drops in your mouth for a few seconds, they'd stick together.

No glue required.

jessica said...

I'm glad to hear that little Ray is feeling better. And now that you're an Ohio voter--you'll soon learn that your vote will most likely get dropped behind a manual vote machine at the Our Lady of the Elms gym in March. And if you try to recover it someone (and by someone I mean Laura Bush) will knock out your knees with a hard pretzel in the shape of the virgin mary :) !!! Welcome to arguably the most important voting state--that never counts for "nuthin'" :) Regardless, there are classes to prepare for--, new journals to promote--, and another year of best laid plans! Hope to see you in NYC!

Adam Deutsch said...

Can't you be more compassionate AND keep making pasta?

Penultimatina said...

Jessica, I'm laughing my arse off. Luckily we vote at Case, and I get to physically stick my vote in the machine after coloring it in with a pen. I kinda miss those punch thingers!

Adam, think about it. Boiling water, a flaring orange burner, an innocent piece of fusili dangling over the pot... It's torture!

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